Gorenje Coffee Machine - An Uber Appliance for The German Kitchen

At German Kitchens Uber we love keeping a look out for new and innovative appliances that we think our customers will like. After all, appliances are the things we use every day to make the kitchen function as a place for cooking and/or entertaining or just feeding an angry mob (aka family).

Whilst we love the well known brands such as Siemens, Miele, Neff, Fisher & Paykel, Gaggenau and Dedietrich which have some fantastic products we came across a little gem from a relatively new and unfamiliar name in the kitchen appliance world, namely Gorenje.

Gorenje (the J is pronounced as a K - we think?) make a wonderful Built-in-Coffee Machine that is also Self Cleaning and for those fresh coffee aficionado's out there the hi-tech stainless steel built-in coffee machine, dubbed CFA 9100 E is a perfect addition to the appliance range in an uber smart and uber modern German kitchen.


Whilst the Gorenje brand name is relatively new, the Gorenje Group is also home to another premium brand Atag and the company has been operating for over 60 years is ranked as the 8th largest domestic appliance manufacturer in Europe, with Germany being its being the biggest market. In 2010, Gorenje's 11,174 employees generated EUR 1.4 billion in sales for the group.

Back to the Coffee Maker

The CFA 9100 E offers superior performance, advanced technological solutions and a very simple mode of operation for the modern coffee drinker.

 It comes with button control and an LCD screen, which shows commands and functions in eight different languages and the fully automatic machine provides a variety of coffee brewing methods so as to keep the user in control with their flavour of your choice. For the tea drinker in a house, it can serve hot water only but why waste the potential of this on tea?

A unique and brilliant function is the Auto Cappuccino feature for the preparation of excellent Italian coffee with one single touch of a special button.

 There is an integrated slider to regulate the milk frothiness. A large removable milk container which allows for simultaneous preparation of several cups of cappuccino without having to add milk each time and you can even manually adjust the fineness of the grind.

Gorenje wants you to enjoy the freshest coffee aroma and grinding the beans just before making coffee preserves its aroma to perfection. You can also use previously ground coffee as well and if you choose this option, you can set the dose for each individual cup, while coffee in beans is dosed automatically by the machine. Coffee grounds are collected in a special container with a warning indicator when the container is full or the coffee bean container is empty.

Self Cleaning

With recent press articles suggesting us Brits were a filthy lot, and lazy when it comes to doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, the Gorenje is tailor made for us with its self cleaning technology.

You can activate the cleaning function by simply pressing the CLEAN button for a few seconds, and you get antibacterial treatment of the milk dispenser and the inner suction tubes. However, the self cleaning machine performs an automatic washing cycle at every switch-on and shut-off, washing away any coffee residues from the dispensing nozzles, thus preventing potential nozzle clogging.

One thing to note, which isn't down to the machine but the various degrees of water hardness in the UK is that to keep the machine in tip top condition it does need to be periodically descaled, but as you would expect with this hi-tech machine, there is a display which shows a warning when you need to descale. The descaling program, again, is activated by simply pressing the DESCALE button. What could be simpler?


Last but by no means least, all the removable parts of the Gorenje coffee machine are dishwasher safe and now for the price. As you would expect from the producer of premium brand Atag, the Gorenje is also a premium brand and you can expect little change from about £1500-1600.

It is a premium brand, a premium product and a premium price but it's so so Uber

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